Overwhelmed and frustrated trying to manage your company’s growth?


You’re in the right place!

I’m a business advisor who works with owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling with the challenges of leading and managing a growing business.

Running a business can definitely be an isolating experience. You’re unsure where to turn when you have questions.  If you have friends who are entrepreneurs, they are just as busy as you and probably don’t have the time to spare. Family may not have the experience to help you with the best solutions and professionals like accountants and attorneys are unlikely to have the diverse operational experience to give you the recommendations that will truly support growth.

After my own experience in a rapidly growing company, I wanted to work directly with business owners to help them overcome the problems and challenges they’re likely facing growing their business.

I have seen that many of the challenges a growing company experiences are a result of particular areas of the business foundation being either weak or not fully developed to effectively support growth.  Therefore my approach as a business advisor is to explore a company’s problems with a focus on one or more of 5 areas – planning, practices, people, process and profit.

Why We Can Help You With Your Company's Growth

When you need an unbiased opinion and someone to ask the important questions… I provide you a fresh perspective to objectively evaluate your problems and provide business advice and insight to help you get to the bottom of issues and solve problems.

Tapping into over 25 years of experience, I work with you to develop solutions that help you manage growth, minimize the headaches that sometimes come with it and develop solutions that focus on your long-term goals and business health.

Running a business can be a lonely world.  I provide entrepreneurs a sounding board so they can work through issues, troubleshoot problems and brainstorm ideas. My work as a business advisor leverages my background in accounting, operations and administration to maximize operational and financial success for my clients.

My goal, as your business advisor, is to help you focus on your overall business, strategies and goals and to help you build a healthy business that you run and doesn’t run you.

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