Hi there, my name is Lisa Roberts.  My experience has been taking companies from start-up through growth.  I’ve come to realize that as you start to manage a growing business, the growth itself becomes yet another business challenge that must be managed successfully.

As exciting as growing a company is, it can be terrifying as well.

I’ve witnessed the challenges and frustrations that a growing business faces and have worked on these problems in the trenches. I’ve also worked on many of the issues that can also derail a growing company. Many of these issues, when they surface, place a heavy strain on the company’s operations.

You may have found, as I have, that there are many things in business that you just don’t know or understand.  It’s hard to know everything you need to know about running a business.  That’s why large companies have big management teams and boards of directors.  Entrepreneurs and owners of smaller businesses need help too.

Seeing first-hand how difficult it is to successfully manage a growing business, I decided pass along all the things I learned in a rapidly growing business. I wanted to work directly with business owners to provide advice and guidance on building a healthy successful business.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs and business owners successfully manage their growth and help them create a strong business foundation that enables long-term success.

I have helped companies grow rapidly and also made the needed fixes in some companies when they did not manage growth well.  I focus in on the areas of a business that are critical to a strong business foundation including operations, finance and administration.

My Story

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