I am business advisor specializing in operations, administration and accounting. I work with owners of small and medium sized businesses who are confused, frustrated and even at their wit’s end trying to manage growth profitably without the stress and sleepless nights. Making more money and the challenges that poses can be fun but they can mask the problems lurking for an unsuspecting owner.

My goal is to help business owners’ work smarter, execute the business fundamentals and develop a strong foundation on which they can grow successfully and build a healthy business that their customers and employees love. I want to give these owners the support they need to have the business, success and freedom they first dreamed of when they started.

In other words, I help entrepreneurs build healthy businesses.

Growing up as one of six kids required us to work hard to achieve the things we wanted and so from an early age I did just that. Sometimes it was delivering Avon catalogues, other times it was dog-sitting for my neighbor’s 3 dogs but most of the time it was delivering along 3 newspaper routes. Swimming butterfly I also played softball, field hockey and was a competitive swimmer for 12 years.  I loved competing and was fortunate enough to finish in 2nd place at our state swim championships my senior year. I was always driven to excel and my father always said that if I believed I didn’t do well, I would work my tail off to improve until I was happy with the results.

Before going off to college, I had one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, coaching my old swim team. I loved helping the kids improve and achieve more than they ever thought they could. After graduating from Drexel University and working long hours that a career in public accounting required, I realized that my employer valued my ability to learn and adjust to many different types of businesses. While colleagues specialized in one or two industries, I was assigned to a range of client’s including retail, non-profit, wholesale distributors, building contractors, real estate development and others. I enjoyed learning about each company and how they managed their operations.

Finally, I had enough of the travel and long hours and wanted to settle down.

I wanted the professional fulfillment that comes from helping a private company grow. I also wanted the personal fulfillment from being a parent. But I knew I couldn’t be a responsible parent with the kind of travel schedule I had.

That’s when I joined a small, but growing technology company as an assistant controller; and soon after getting settled in I adopted my first rescue dog.

I believed that in order to help my company to grow, the accounting department should add value by being a partner, resource and advisor to the other departments. Soon, employees began to joke that I should put a number system at my office door like they have at the deli counter to manage the lines of people that came to me for advice, guidance and questions.

As the company grew from $10 to $60 million in sales, I got more responsibility as VP of Finance and later as VP of Administration. I played a key role in establishing a strong operational foundation upon which the company could continue to grow. I loved this time because what I didn’t know, I would research, learn and figure out. I also enjoyed developing my staff and working with them to put processes and systems in place to work more effectively and efficiently.

As the SVP of Operations, I built some of the company’s departments from the ground up and managed others during a time of fast growth including Human Resources, Contracts and Legal, Quality, Information Systems, Purchasing, Production and Facilities.

Throughout my career, I’ve tried to use my financial background and diverse business experience to help businesses find ways to improve profits, be more cost effective and find efficiencies in their business operations. I have worked with many great clients on projects that helped them get funding, save money, compete more effectively and operate more efficiently.

I started Business Rx because I love business, consulting, coaching, and pursuing good solutions. I get a charge out of helping business owners achieve their own definition of success.

While I am not working at my home in New Jersey or producing the Healthy Business, Healthy Profits Podcast, I enjoy gardening, reading on the beach, watching ice hockey and taking long walks with my bestgerman shepard dog friend, my third rescue dog, Coco.