My work is focused on many of the problems that growing business face. Here are some of the ways you can access my knowledge, experience and advice to make the business improvements you need to grow a healthy business.

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Check out my podcast Healthy Business, Healthy Profits.  I cover a number of topics on problems growing businesses face and offer tips and information to overcome those issues.  You can subscribe to the podcast here so that you don’t miss an episode.

On the Business Rx Blog there are several articles that provide tips and strategies to run, manage and lead a rapidly growing business. Some of the questions you may have could be covered here so go ahead and have a look.

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Did an episode of the podcast or one of my blog posts strike a nerve?  If you have a similar problem in your business and want to talk through it, get advice or get a fresh perspective, then you want to set up a Quick Care session.

Special Care and Business Improvements are two ways you can work with me privately.  These programs are for entrepreneurs who need to work through more in-depth problems in their business.  We have regularly scheduled calls to work through problems affecting your business.  I will provide advice, guidance and action steps as well as share any relevant information to help you make the improvements you need.

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Business Wellness is another way you can work with me privately.  Business Wellness is for entrepreneurs dedicated to taking their business even higher.  Since I’ve been through rapid growth, I’ve seen many of the challenges owners will face along the way.  To help you build a solid foundation for growth, we assess the operations, business practices and processes. We’ll meet regularly so that you can stay on top of the big issues that affect your growth and make the needed improvements to propel your business forward. I can only work with a few clients at a time with this program.