• Worked with clients on strategies to monitor and review financial results and develop key performance indicators to provide analysis and quickly monitor performance.
  • Advised client on strategies for Inventory Management while improving inventory turnover and eliminating slow moving items.
  • Wrote Business Plans to secure financing from lenders to help properly finance business operations.

Business Practices

  • Owner of a retail store who was too busy working in her business was unaware that her business model was not in line with the industry standard. Correcting it quickly increased her annual profit by almost 20%, which she could realize year after year.
  • A technical service firm frustrated with contract defaults and project scope creep in their B2B relationships wanted to stop these business problems. After reviewing her contracts and her business model, suggested improvements that she could take to her attorney to change the contract terms and conditions to help avoid these problems with future projects.
  • Wrote policies and procedures for company that helped to manage operations more efficiently and freed up valuable resources in a growing company. 


  • A high-tech company was struggling to get orders processed without delays and errors. After working with them to review and improve their operational processes, they now have better inter-department handoffs, reduced order-processing time and greatly reduced error rates.
  • Process reviews identified improvements in areas like credit and collections to speed cash receipts to enhance cash flow and eliminate time wasters that led to better customer response and service delivery.


  • Real estate firm in a funk after the real estate bubble burst. Worked with them to create strategies and goal plans to motivate agents and staff in the “new normal” of the real estate industry.
  • Advised several clients on the proper handling of employee management issues, performance problems and human resource policy recommendations.
  • Provided guidance in areas of employee policies, staffing needs and developing job descriptions.


  • Overwhelmed retail shop owner confused about how she was really doing in her business and inexperienced in inventory management now has the tools and financial systems to monitor key business ratios and information on how to improve those to achieve greater profitability and cash flow.
  • An entrepreneur of a company selling a large number of products increased gross profit by 5% in one year with analysis and information on inventory turnover and a better focus on selling his most profitable items and eliminating unprofitable ones.
  • Financial ratio analysis helped business owners understand their true financial picture and reveal opportunities for increased financial efficiency.
  • Expense analysis highlighted opportunities for cost reductions and efficiency.
  • “Your newsletter has helped me a lot because it really makes me think about the business side of my business! The information and tips you give help me focus on running my business more effectively which has helped us grow.”

    Shawn Fricke Owner - All Around Creative
  • “I love receiving my Business Rx newsletter because it is a straight forward no nonsense look at real issues that face business today.  I personally have used many of the tips from the newsletter to address issues in my business and run my company more effectively.  Thanks for cutting through the fluff and addressing the things I need to know as a business owner”.

    James Grim Owner - Ultimate Image Salon
  • My business is growing and we struggled with it at times. I wanted to make sure that I was paying attention to the right things to continue to grow a healthy business. Lisa Roberts of Business RX, LLC suggested that I take her Business Physical to help me focus in on key areas to improve and grow my business. After taking the Physical, she provided me with valuable feedback and a report that helped me validate some things that I could do better in my business. More importantly, it opened my eyes to some additional things that I should be doing. The Business Physical was easy to complete and the analysis provided me with valuable information and insight to help me focus on specific areas to improve my business so that I can continue to grow successfully.

    Shawn Fricke Owner - All Around Creative
  • Running a fast growing retail store is a great problem. But I was so busy working IN it, that I wasn’t managing it. I was stressed out, overwhelmed and knew something had to change and fast. After one meeting with Lisa Roberts of Business Rx, I was confident she could help me manage my growth to get me to the next level of success. Lisa helped us streamline inventory so that we could focus on our fast moving products and eliminate slow movers. We’re seeing better profits as a result. In fact, she spotted a problem in one product line and by following her advice we were able to cut costs and increase profitability almost overnight! My investment in her services has given me more confidence, focus and profits and we’re positioned for even more growth. Plus, I know she’s watching out for me and my company’s best interests.

    Mike Termini Owner - Termini Nutrition Center